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Meet Mwape,

A poultry farmer who has been facing soo many challenges before coming across Agrisave. With the help of Agrisave, Mwape has been able to control his spending and monitor his business income, he has also been able to quickly mitigate any sign of disease through the Agrisave knowledge base.

Md scale farmers like Mwape face lots of challenges, They lose lots of money & time trying to figure out where they are going wrong or what they need to do.With the help of Agrisave farmers are able to save money and production time, while gaining knowledge and sharing it with others on the platform on a much frequent basis.

Over time this builds our platform as we are collect more information about farmers and their needs, with our technology the sharing of information has never been easier,  the more farmers that get on the platform and use the app – the faster information is circulated. What are you waiting for, refuse to be left behind and signup for Agrisave now !

Hours saved per month.

Kwacha saved per month

Stories shared per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to answer any one of your questions, To serve you better and have you best informed we have compiled our top 3 most asked questions.

What kind of farmers can use Agrisave ?

Agrisave is built for any farmer that has the interest to grow, financialy and knowledge wise in an effort to continue growing & producing and  or expand their yield.  We have knowledge bases that cover a wide range of topics from fertility , to seed type to pest and disease control, making sure that you have the right information to grow is key for us.

Is Agrisave Produce Specific?

We are happy to collect information from farmers that are growing and or raring anything as we are seeking to gro , To serve you better this information becomes useful.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We are currently working around the clock to provide our customers with more features and opportunities, this includes partnering key players in the farming ecosystem to provide farmers with such a program.

Chilumba Machona

Chilumba Machona

Founder | Business Development

I am responsible for making sure that all teams are working together in sync to achieve our goals. I handle business to business sales, product design, and customer interaction. Our vision at agrisave is a hunger-free Zambia and Africa at large, that keeps me commited to make sure my team and I deliver valuable information to farmers, as they are the drivers in the production of food. I make myself available to our team members and customers and my approach is to quickly handle any queries that are brought up.

I spend all my spare time on the Internet, I love to collect music on SoundCloud.


Johanna De Beer

Johanna De Beer

Co -Founder | Financial Services

Responsible for managing the team in the finance department to help farmers get better knowledge on how they could potentially save more money. Her team works hand in sync with the Marketing team to achieve targets & goals.

In her spare time Jojo loves to cook and spend time with her family she is passionate about learning new things and giving back to the community.

Philip Nchimunya

Philip Nchimunya

Co - Founder | Research & Data

I see myself to be a very knowledge thirsty individual who is consistently growing themselves and who takes the time to continue to learn. I am also modest but very hard working, and I always set firm goals for myself. Ounce these goals have been set, I always make sure to follow through, very often exceeding my own expectations. On a less serious note, there’s nothing more that I like to do in my spare time than to play golf and listen to music. I also enjoy keeping an eye on the financial markets around the world and speculating on them.

Shula Chisha

Shula Chisha

Research & Data Analysis

Shula is responsible for managing the large amounts of data that we collect and share on through the platform making sure it is valid for other farmers to implement.

In her spare team she loves to cook, paint and is extremely passionate about empowering females in Zambia, through her blog that talks about her day to day  experiences. 

Musa Millapo

Musa Millapo


Musa tells the compelling story of how Agrisave is changing lives of farmers saving them lots of time and money. Working in sync with all Agrisave teams to make sure goals are met.

Away from Agrisave, Musa is a gospel rapper listed on itsRetunes Zambia, He is passionate about using his skills to spread the gospel to youth, that are facing many of the challenges he faced earlier on and raps about.

Edwin Mwanda

Edwin Mwanda


Awarded an outstanding academic performance award in a Computing program at ZCAS University, Edwin i is responsible for the running the whistles and bells making sure all technological requirements are met,  making sure the IT Team work in sync to achieve goals .

For past time Edwin is a DJ and his love for music...

Harry Banda

Harry Banda


Working with our IT team, to bring our wonderful web platform idea to Mobile.

An MTN Zambia Appathon 2014 finalist, ZICTA Incubation candidate,  Harry is an extraordinary game developer and dedicates his spare time to just that. He is passionate about coding and building "bug free" projects. A huge fan of the Mr. Robot TV Show.

Stephen McCullun

Stephen McCullun

Design & Media

Responsible for illustrating our ideas and makes it easy to understand exactly how our platform works, working hand in hand with the marketing team to make sure their compelling story is told in the right way.   In his spare time, Stephen loves to take pictures and explore the creative digital space.

I never knew how much I needed financial records, untill I  was exposed to the service, It highlights just how much I am spending and earning, It gives me this discipline about my Business that I never had before.

Mwape Chilufya

Having weather forecasts for days ahead, helps me plan ahead, There is so much order when all the information you need is in a cetralized place, I love the planning feature of the app, for me I feel planning is very essential.

Mwaka Nyirenda

I like the social feed feature, that displays all the necessary information from social media feed and puts in one place, for me the need to spread information faster is key, If I can get a tweet about a question a posted early! That’s great .

Wesley Davos

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